I’m Jacqueline but call me Jackie! I grew up in Hawaii on the little island of Oahu. One of my first memories is 4 years old me being at the movies with my dad. Wide-eyed rocking an Asian bowl haircut, I was enthralled by the red velvet chairs, the sweet chocolate Raisinettes, the buttery popcorn, but mostly the actors on screen. As the credits started to roll I turned over to my dad and said, “I want to do that when I grow up!!!” Naturally, my Chinese Tiger dad responded with something like this, “You either do business or I send you to work in the factory in China”. That is the moment, I KNEW I was going to be an actor. Tell me I can’t and I will. 🙂
Now I’m in the big bad city of Los Angeles doing my thang! On the way here I attended California State University Long Beach where I got a double major in Business Management and Marketing. I’ve also worked on several independent and short films and am currently studying at Margie Haber’s Studio and loving it!
A few of my favorite things to do when I’m not acting are spending time with the people I love, getting a sweat on at the gym, making people laugh, or sipping piña coladas on any tropical beach.
Pietra Ingenito (Theatrical Agent)

Phone: 818-972-4300
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Hines and Hunt Entertainment
Justine Hunt (Manager)

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Jenny Stricklin Talent Agency
Jason Hilton (Commercial Agent)

Phone: 323-468-3430
Email: jhilton@jstalentagency.com
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